How Investing in PR Can Help Your Bottom Line

Apr 2, 2019 | DPC Blog

Putting Your Money Where Your… Stories Are!

Over the past decade, Public Relations has evolved into a well-respected industry due to its increasingly high demand. PR is a great way to build your brand without the expensive costs of traditional advertising. More companies are considering and hiring Public Relations firms; and those that already have PR representation are widening budgets to account for additional PR services. PR Spending Benefits Profits

A study by the Association of National Advertisers predicts a significant increase in Public Relations spending over the next five years. To account for this, PR firms are evolving to meet the changing needs of businesses by expanding their skill sets and service offerings. The more solutions PR firms can provide, the more valuable the agency becomes to companies looking to implement successful marketing initiatives.

Benefits of Spending on PR

  • Create a Positive Image: Whether you’re launching a new product or simply looking to increase overall market awareness, good PR leaves the public with a positive view of your brand as a whole.
  • Increase Credibility: Consumers are more likely to consider a brand mentioned in the media than those they come across through traditional advertising, such as commercials and billboards.
  • Future-Proofed Marketing: Unlike advertising, in which billboards come down and campaigns end, articles derived from PR efforts continue to remain online, leading to more leads over time.
  • Reach your Target Market: Content can be placed in media outlets with specific readership to ensure your information is visible to the people who matter most, the buyers.

If you’re looking to implement a PR campaign into your marketing plan, be sure to reach out today for more information about how we can help!

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