PR and Marketing Services for the Broadcast and Film Industries

It’s no secret that the world of broadcast, post and production is evolving at an incredible pace. Where once viewers had to check TV and newspaper movie listings to figure out what to watch, they can now do a fast search and find anything at the click of a button. Like the mediums themselves, the technology used to produce content is changing every day. Cameras, microphones, batteries and recording equipment are all smaller, faster and more efficient. 

But, we’re also seeing a rise in over-the-top (OTT) and streaming services that are at the forefront of current broadcasting trends. With so much instant technology at our fingertips, it’s sometimes difficult for manufacturers and service providers to standout from the crowd of competitors. 

D. Pagan’s Approach in the Broadcast and Cine Market

D. Pagan Communications promotes broadcast technology manufacturers and service providers through a variety of business-to-business marketing approaches to reach production houses, studios, producers, engineers, freelancers and more. Among these is helping promote a brand’s presence at leading virtual events and trade shows, for which we help create and submit marketing materials and coordinate virtual meetings with key media.

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