PR and Marketing Services for the Pro Audio Industry

Professional audio is a vital component to our global business as its reaches across all our most prominent market sectors, including music, broadcast and live performance. With so many applications to consider, professional audio equipment manufacturers must always create solutions with a varied degree of features. 

This usually presents unique communications challenges for the equipment manufacturers who serve these markets. D. Pagan works with companies in these industries to provide the latest information about emerging technologies and company news to key media outlets.

Music Industry Manufacturers

The digital age has completely changed the landscape of the music industry. Today, creating and distributing music and content is easier than ever, and artists and producers alike are forever on the hunt for technology that will serve them best. Whether it’s Instruments, accessories, speakers, microphones or cables, among other technologies, there’s always a groundbreaking product that will help in their creative process. The market’s advancements support professionals at recording studios, live performance venues, home studios and educational facilities, and shines a larger spotlight on industry equipment. 

Live Performance Equipment

For most any musician, live performance is a vital part of their careers. Whether it’s musical theatre, acoustic concerts or sold out stadium tours, artists need to be in the spotlight. In many cases, the same manufacturers that create equipment in the studio will also design and develop touring gear. This gives musicians the guarantee of a consistent sound across mediums and opens the possibility for manufacturers to gain further exposure in the market.

In support of these markets, DPC regularly attends trade shows such as AES, NAMM and Musikmesse. 

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