A Musician’s Checklist to Get Through the Pandemic

Jun 17, 2020 | DPC Blog

There are several ways for home-bound musicians to stay productive and focused, while furthering their careers and staying safe and healthy. This Musician’s Checklist takes a closer look.

File for Financial Aid

Whether you are a weekend warrior or music is your full-time gig, file for the necessary financial aid and unemployment to get you through these difficult times. Visit your state’s unemployment site and see what you qualify for. Stressing less about finances means you can focus more time to further develop your musical talents.


This part of the musician’s checklist might sound overtly obvious, but, just because you’re not playing as much doesn’t mean you should let your instrument collect dust. Now is the time to challenge yourself to get to that next level. There are various online lessons and workshops for you to explore; there are options for everything from playing and writing to producing and recording. Mastering your craft and exploring new areas is a great way to stay inspired.


Even before COVID-19 hit, content was a fundamental pillar on which the music industry rested. Now, with everyone online, it is essential for you to have material in the works to distribute to your audience. Take the time to write and re-write songs for your next live stream concert, music video or album. When you’re taking a break from writing songs, be sure to draft up a bio and add some footnotes to your website. Writing doesn’t just apply to songs, your fans want to know a little bit about you, too.

Musician's Checklist -- Home Recording


Once you’ve written some new material, it’s time to record it. Whether you are using your phone to capture rough ideas, use a small set up to record demos or have the equipment  to multi-track an entire album, now is the time to turn your home into a studio. There are many solutions available today that offer the tools you need to capture and monitor audio from anywhere.

On this note, it’s important to get your songs web ready. Streaming has become one of the most popular ways to enjoy music and, with the help of precise mastering plug-ins, you can prepare for your songs to be heard all over the world.

Grow Your Business

This part of the musician’s checklist may not be as fun as recording and writing, but it might be the most important. Networking and improving your business is an essential method for getting your music out there. This could be as simple as starting an e-mail list, promoting your Facebook page, or updating your website. This also means to network and learn from other musicians and people in the industry.

On the subject of networking, do not forget about promoters. Stay in contact with promoters, bookers and venues to help make sure you’re at the top of their call list when live shows return.

Plan for the Future

Though most of us have never faced a pandemic of these proportions, it does not mean we’ve hit the end of art, music and all things creative. Rather, now is the time to push through with new and innovative ways to stay creative and come back stronger than ever.

 DPC offers a wide array of public relations services for musicians, studios and live event venues looking to keep or increase their exposure in the market through these times. Contact our team today to see how we can help!

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