What Makes Media Relations Important?

Sep 9, 2019 | DPC Blog

Despite the rise of social media use, media relations is an essential aspect of PR. Through delivering communication efforts, media relations can help your business grow. According to Everything PR, media relations is described as the interactions a company has with editors, journalist and reporters. Specialists in this area, otherwise known as public relations professionals, work with the media to communicate the client’s message to various outlets. 

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Who is ‘the Media’? 

‘The media’ can be a wide array of people. They can range from traditional media outlets,  like  Pro Sound News or The Broadcast Bridge (in DPC’s markets) to less conventional, albeit rapidly emerging, platforms such as YouTube or Instagram. In a recent interview with Forbes, the VP of Strategic Communications and Content at PR Newswire stated that items shared by everyday people receive better results than those of a famous person. 

What makes Media Relations important? 

  • Audience 

Media relations places a brand directly in front of its target audience. A recent article from Business 2 Community recently noted that, despite a wide array of outlets covering a specific topic, media relations is still the best way to expand your consumer base. As technology evolves, we are finding more ways of communicating, allowing media relation specialists to reach targeted audiences through a wider array of platforms. 

  • Awareness

Public relations should be thought of as an addition to the existing marketing efforts taken to increase a brand’s presence. Media relations specialists strategically pitch stories to publications on behalf of a  business. For example, with an online media approach, PR pros can help improve a company’s SEO ranking, thereby increase a company’s web traffic. Additionally, with a strong digital presence, audiences will be more interested in what a company has to offer. Additionally, according to Channel Futures, making sure content is media-friendly can significantly boost lead generation. 

  • Third-Party Validation

Public relations professionals work to get media placements and validation for a business. This, in turn, gets across the idea to potential consumers that a message is credible and genuine. 

Overall, media relations can help expand a business and its reputation, in addition to making consumers aware of its services and products. At D. Pagan Communications, we are dedicated to establishing a long-term media relationship to increase your business’s market awareness. 

For any Pro Audio, Music, Broadcast, Cine and Pro AV brand looking to increase brand awareness, make sure to contact D. Pagan Communications for all your public relations needs!

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