The Keys to a Successful Product Launch

Sep 2, 2021 | DPC Blog

It’s always exciting to learn about the latest and greatest products to hit the market, but for product manufacturers, there’s a long road of strategizing that leads up to the official launch. From initial R&D to developing tactical marketing plans, there’s a plethora of tasks that need to be completed before placing product in the hands of industry professionals. Decades of experience supporting brands through product launches leave us with a list of key takeaways for a successful product launch—whether it’s building buzz around a product before it’s announced or keeping up the hype after the product’s newness starts to fade.

New Product Launch

Creating Pre-Launch Buzz

How can you impact the influence of your product solution before it’s announced?

This is where product reviews come into play. But it’s not as simple as sending product to just anyone, you’ll want to strategically pitch your product to relevant media outlets and influencers that are trusted by members of the industry. By incorporating product reviews into your pre-launch strategy, you provide consumers with trusted resources for feedback before they make the purchase.

Press Events

In the days before COVID, manufacturers predominantly launched products at major tech events and conventions around the world. While things may look a little different today, there are still plenty of opportunities to host virtual or in-person press conferences and summits, or produce pre-recorded video content and webinars, to unveil the product and give the low-down on its specs.

Press Announcements

In addition to placing product in the hands of influential reviewers, you’ll also want to draft, edit and finalize an official press announcement ahead of time—nobody enjoys a last-minute scramble. Remember to keep press release copy clear and concise, while including how the product will provide a solution to the user. It’s also great to include a quote from a C-level executive to add some personalization to the formality. Additionally, having a live or pre-recorded video announcement from a company representative to support the PR is also a great approach. Important to remember: Time your press release to be distributed simultaneous to your official, public announcement.

Social Media

Social media reigns supreme when it comes to disseminating information to a large audience in an instant. Whether its Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, or some combination of the above, almost every potential consumer has social media. Utilizing this space to launch a product is not only smart, but also essential. But it’s also important to use it cleverly (and carefully). Whether you’re looking to tease the forthcoming product ahead of time, or waiting for launch day for all system’s go, there are some basic rules to follow to get the most exposure.

For starters, images are key. Without high-quality, well-lit, eye-catching pictures, graphics or videos, your post will fall flat. Secondly, messaging. Work towards crafting copy that is clever, short and entertaining. A good pun never hurts, either. Lastly, hashtags, hashtags, hashtags. Be sure to research potential hashtags ahead of time to find ones that will help boost your post organically.

New Product Launch

Ready, Set, Go

It’s the day of your announcement and you’re prepared. Be sure your cleverly crafted social posts are pre-scheduled for the same time as the announcement, and get your marketing assets,—descriptive copy, spec sheets and a slew of high-res imagery—locked and loaded on your website. This will make it easy (and more likely) for outlets to cover and share the announcement, which is the ultimate goal.

Post-Launch Hype

This is when you get to fully showcase your brand’s latest innovation. Once the initial excitement about the product starts to quiet, your goal is to continue the hype. Small-scale product demonstrations, whether in-person or virtual, are a great way to teach new and existing customers about your product. Additionally, coordinating interviews between relevant media outlets and product managers, crafting case studies, highlighting customer success stories or application notes, and continuing to pitch reviews are just a few ways to keep your product in the news long after it’s announced.

If you’re looking for assistance with your own product launch, be sure to work with a reputable firm that knows your industry and has the right connections.

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