Conquering Your Zoom Calls

Sep 2, 2021 | DPC Blog, Uncategorized

The Ins and Outs of Virtual Meeting Etiquette

Zoom Calls

With the world in a constant state of uncertainty, the one thing that we can count on is the fact that virtual Zoom calls are here to stay. Whether you’re working from home or virtually attending trade shows, online meetings are going to be a big part of your experience. If you didn’t get a chance to hone in on your Zoom etiquette throughout 2020 or are looking to up your video conference skills, here’s our tips to help you tackle that long list of meetings like a pro.

Big Groups Means Stay on Mute.

There’s nothing worse than being on group Zoom calls and having microphone feedback distract from the conversation at hand.  For big group meetings, it’s best to play it safe and keep your microphone muted. This will keep all focus on the speaker and prevent any unanticipated background noise from disrupting the meeting. Plus, unmuting is as simple as clicking a button or pressing your space bar.

Clean up the Background.

Having a clean space behind you for any Zoom meeting is ideal; a messy background can be distracting or look unprofessional. However, we know not everyone has the luxury of having a separate office space to use for virtual calls! For those instances where a private room isn’t available, or it’s just one of those days when tidying up didn’t make it on the to-do list, try using one of Zoom’s curated background images or download a new one. Choosing to blur your background or go with a stock office image will clean up your look without taking away from the focus of the call.

Zoom Calls

Know Your Time and Place.

When you have multiple meetings in a day, it can get a little chaotic. In these cases, staying organized with your times and links is key to keeping your cool. Having a calendar with meeting times will help, but don’t forget about the different meeting links! Flagging emails with call invites, bookmarking the links to your frequently used Zoom rooms and having alarms or reminders set will make sure you’re in the right meeting at the right time.

Dress the Part.

We know working from home can tempt the sweats and yoga pants but looking presentable will keep away unwanted attention and help you set your best (virtual) foot forward. Swap out the casual t-shirt for a nice button-down or blazer to look smart and respectful. But… we won’t tell if your button-down shirt is paired with some sweats, just make sure you don’t have to stand up!

Today’s event world looks a lot different than the one we’re used to, but there’s still plenty of opportunity to come from a virtual world. If you’re interested in connecting, or re-connecting, with the media, but don’t know how, reach out to a reputable communications agency.

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