BriteShot Allows Worship Services to Take Place Anywhere with BritePower Portable Energy Solution

Oct 15, 2021 | BriteShot, Uncategorized

Introducing BritePower…

New to BriteShot’s product lineup is the BritePower modular power system, offering houses of worship a mobile, flexible and accessible energy source. This innovative solution provides continuous power via hot-swappable, lithium-ion manganese phosphate battery packs with a small footprint and long lifecycle. The mobile and rugged energy delivery solution offers a reliable and portable power supply, making it a great option for outdoor services, traveling worship congregations, and other non-traditional sermon applications.

BritePower offers enough energy to power up all the necessary production equipment such as microphones, cameras, lighting and more, making it possible to host a worship gathering in virtually any location. This modular power system also provides an additional energy source for churches or facilities that require more power than the existing infrastructure allows for, and completely eliminates the need for a generator, allowing worship centers to invest funding elsewhere.

BriteShot’s BritePower modular power system

BritePower Breakthroughs

  • Offers uninterrupted power via hot-swappable battery packs.
  • Allows HOWs to produce a high-quality service in any setting.
  • Users can take BritePower out on the road for traveling congregations.
  • Extended power supply is ideal for a back-to-back service schedule, and for longer holiday productions, weddings and more.
  • The packs can be rack-mounted to seamlessly blend into pre-existing setups.
  • Features an on/off key switch for ease of use and safe transportation.
  • The BritePower mobile application is available free-of-charge (for both iOS and Android devices), and allows for simple battery management.

 Behind the Battery

  • System includes a charger, a 4kW AC to DC invertor and one 2.5kWh battery pack.
  • Two battery packs can be connected simultaneously to extend the energy capacity to 5kWh.
  • Each battery pack charges in approximately two and half hours and lasts three hours.
  • Custom-built, user-friendly design with mobile road case provides efficient transportability.
  • Constructed from non-toxic and non-hazardous, recyclable materials.
  • Utilizes the safest, most environmentally benign lithium-ion chemistry available.
  • No ventilation, cooling or thermal regulation required and no risk of thermal runaway or fire.

For more information on BritePower, please visit or call (212)-219-0002.

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