Pliant Announces New CrewCom V1.8 Firmware Update

Pliant Announces New CrewCom V1.8 Firmware Update

Jul 16, 2020 | Client News, Pliant

AUBURN, AL Pliant Technologies announces the release of its CrewCom V1.8 Firmware Update for all wireless intercom systems and devices. This new V1.8 firmware offers several significant improvements, including refined communications for network devices. It also provides an overall enhanced user experience for Pliant’s CrewCom customers.

CrewCom V1.8 Firmware Update

The CrewCom V1.8 Firmware Update includes a new group management feature in CrewWare and a new two-level user rights feature. There is also a new roaming bias option for CrewCom Radio Packs. With the ability to connect/disconnect configured devices without power-cycling the system, the  update offers improved battery monitoring for the system’s devices. Additionally, the V1.8 does not require users to power cycle remote devices when power cycling the system’s Control Unit. The update also adds mixed band options on 900MHz transceivers and enables use of GPO relays.

“Pliant continues to support its customers with improvements that enhance the functionality of its product offerings,” says Gary Rosen, Vice President of global sales for Pliant Technologies. “This new V1.8 update offers a number of significant improvements for all CrewCom users. This includes full compatibility with the new Pliant 6+6 Drop-In Charger, which is now shipping. This update is available now and we recommend that all users update their systems to take advantage of the enhanced feature set.”

The V1.8 firmware and software update, as well as installation instructions and release notes, are available to all CrewCom users free of charge and can be downloaded here;

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