KRK’s Newly Released ROKIT G4 Studio Monitors Offer Plug-and-Play Solution For OK Go and the World’s Leading

NASHVILLE – KRK Systems, part of the Gibson family of brands, has taken permanent residency in the home studio of Dan Konopka, principal member, drummer, producer and remixer for GRAMMY® Award-winning group OK Go. Konopka relies on KRK monitors, subs and headphones to produce music with his band. Most recently, he has also implemented the gear into his workflow for projects with SoundBetter, the worlds leading music production marketplace, which helps musicians around the world connect with and hire top music pros to mix release-ready songs. With KRK’s new ROKIT G4 studio monitors, 12S powered subwoofer and KNS 8400 Headphones, Konopka feels more confident than ever in the quality of his mixes.  

OK Go Dan Konopka

Though the ROKITs are his current go-to monitor solution, Konopka’s initial introduction to the brand was through the eight-inch model of its renowned two-way V Series (V8) Powered Reference Monitors. “I first began my search for studio monitors because I needed something that was going to sound better than my home speakers,” he says. “I’ve been using the V Studio V8s for many years and I have never been disappointed. When the new ROKIT G4 range was released, I knew I had to get my hands on them.”

Working on both sides of the music industry—live stages and in-studio—Konopka especially knows the value of a high-quality mix; that’s why KRK’s ROKIT G4s have become a staple solution in his home studio.

“These studio monitors do their job perfectly and they’re involved in everything that I do musically,” he adds. “I receive such great feedback with the ROKIT G4s. SoundBetter clients seek professional-quality mixes that they cannot produce on their own and KRK monitors allow me to provide the most pristine mix to my clients, so I know I can meet their expectations.”

For Konopka, one standout feature of the ROKIT G4s is the easy plug-and-play setup. “The transition from my V8 monitors to the ROKIT G4s was completely seamless. It was as simple as pulling the V8s off the stand and putting the G4s in their place. I didn’t have to adjust my workflow or waste time messing with them, and that’s very valuable to me,” he continues. “The sonic consistency between the monitors is very impressive. With my eyes closed, I can’t hear a difference, the sound is impeccable. Also, the reliability and quality of the G4s is something that I’ve never seen before at this price point—it’s really amazing.”

KRK’s solutions allow Konopka to remain secure in whatever he is producing, and he is excited to continue to rely on the brand for all his mixing needs for both OK Go and his SoundBetter clients. He plans to stay up-to-date with the latest KRK offerings as these solutions have created a standard in the quality of his mixes.

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