Strengthens Appears’ X Platform With Award-winning Video Transport over IP

OSLO, NORWAY –  Appear TV, a leading provider of next-generation high-quality video processing platforms for broadcast and streaming, has launched Zixi Video Transport input and output support on the X platform.

Appear TV X Platform - Zixi Video Transport

The Appear TV X platform is a dedicated solution for high-speed video networking, enhanced IP security, video distribution and contribution. Designed for near limitless capacity, extensive video awareness, enhanced security, operational simplicity and exceptionally high reliability, the platform redefines video delivery.

“We see an increased demand for modular video transport solutions over IP, providing the flexibility broadcasters and operators require, whilst maintaining ease of use, power efficiency and density,” says Thomas Lind, product management director, Appear TV.

“Our partnership with Zixi allows our customers to tap into the Zixi cloud service for broadcast-quality video delivery over public IP networks, presenting a natural extension to our X platform.”

The X platform consists of a compact 1RU – X10 as well as a capacious 2RU – X20 option. The products can both be fitted with a range of input, processing and output modules. This enables bridging between commonly used legacy video platforms and an all-IP infrastructure. X Platform supports MPEG TS multiplexing, DVB scrambling/descrambling and high-density/low-latency AVC/HEVC encoding/decoding. It is ideal for video processing in legacy DVB network such as cable, satellite, terrestrial and IPTV, as well as OTT. The dual IP IO modules provide native 10G uni- and bi-directional port connectivity. The software-defined hardware allows for a variety of software features to run on identical modules. All modules, power supplies and fans are hot-swappable.

“Zixi is very excited to partner with Appear and integrate with the IP-specific X10/X20 platform, which is unique in the industry,” says John Wastcoat, SVP alliances and marketing, Zixi.

“The joint solution provides ultra-low-latency video networking and remote production over IP capabilities that our mutual customers are demanding so we look forward to working with Appear around the world.”

The addition of Zixi support, combined with the recently launched L2TPv3 signaling and PTP time stamping for remote PHY deployments, loudness leveling and 8K encoding and decoding, enables the X platform to carry on solving many of the challenges facing modern broadcast network design today and tomorrow.

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